High NY

High NY isn't about getting high or making money, not that there's anything wrong with either of those.
High NY is about ending the demonetization of one nature's most nourishing and virtuous, healing plants.  

High NY is about safe and affordable access to natural medicine for all. 

High NY is about reforming institutions that have exploited, abused, and disenfranchised millions of innocent people due to the color of their skin.

High NY is about creating sustainable models for maintaining the health and integrity of our planet.

High NY is about empowering people elevating the collective consciousness of our society with the help of Cannabis.

Too many lives and communities have been ruined by the failure known as our government's "war on drugs".

The enforcement of Cannabis prohibition has disproportionately targeted and devastated communities of color. There is no justice in ruining people's lives over a medicinal plant.

Additionally, too much pain has been suffered by the seriously ill and their families due to lack of safe access, compassionate health care, and medical research to support the use of Cannabis which has over 700 applications for healing.

Yet, it has been illegal in America for less than a century.

Although there has been much progress in the movement to end prohibition, the fight is far from over.  It is not just a matter of time until Cannabis becomes federally legal in America. 

It is a matter of people - especially those who use and love Cannabis- contributing their time, energy, and resources towards creating change.

There are still many parties who oppose the cannabis industry, so our uphill battle continues.  The lack of banking resources, tax breaks, and social acceptance are challenges which require us to act from a place of ingenuity, compassion, and love.

If you care about Cannabis, do something about it!  

Contribute your talents to High NY and get involved today!