Gilda's Club South Jersey

Each year in our region, cancer touches thousands of men, women and children. Its impact can be devastating to the individual and their family. But at Gilda’s Club, individuals and families are receiving the information, guidance, laughter, and most importantly, the support they need to live their lives with cancer, whatever the outcome, at no cost.

Gilda’s Club South Jersey’s mission is to ensure that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action, and sustained by community.

With more than 16,000 individuals throughout South Jersey diagnosed with cancer each year, Gilda’s Club South Jersey (GCSJ) is the only cancer support community in southern New Jersey offering a free, comprehensive program of psychosocial support including educational lectures, workshops, social activities, and support groups to men, women, teens and children impacted by cancer.

One of nearly 50 affiliates of the Cancer Support Community, GCSJ offers comprehensive educational, psychological and social support to people living with cancer and their loved ones as an integral part of conventional medical treatment.

Why provide psychosocial support? Research shows that people who are impacted by cancer and receive psychosocial support have a 56% increase in quality of life and survival rates. Participation in a comprehensive program of support reduces depression, anxiety, feelings of isolation and reduces the chance of recurrence by nearly 50%. Participation in Gilda’s Club programs directly benefits the men, women, and children touched by cancer in our community.