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Bridget Hill-Zayat

Hoban Law Group

Bridget Hill-Zayat is an attorney at Hoban Law Group, licensed in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland.  Her practice focuses on the energy and cannabis industries.  Specifically, she takes cannabis companies from cradle to grave, starting from incorporation and license applications to compliance through to sale.  She advises successful applicants on how to improve their energy efficiency, apply for state efficiency programs, liaise with regulators, and handle the ongoing compliance issues relevant to a cannabis business.  

Ms. Hill-Zayat is active in the legal cannabis industry. She was selected to participate in Pennsylvania State Senator Daylin Leach's cannabis conference convened to develop standards and methods for cannabis regulations in Pennsylvania. She regularly testifies for states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania, exploring the creation and development of legal cannabis markets. Bridget’s work is acutely cannabis-focused, geared toward helping growers, processors, and dispensaries thrive.  She continues to engage the legal community on industry issues, teaching classes on cannabis topics for, GreenFlower Media, and Stockton University as an Assistant Professor.  She speaks at industry events for the National Cannabis Bar Association, Cannavation, and Women Grow and writes articles for Elevated Nation, CannabizMD, and Kalogia.